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The AtlasBIOvib® is an easy to use, handheld device, developed to help those who know the discomfort of carrying pain and tension in the body. It's size ensures you can take it wherever you go to relieve tension in your neck muscles, body and even the jaw - in fact anywhere you can use thumb pressure! 

We are the distributor for AtlasBIOvib® in Australia.

Pain and Tension?  Treat with the AtlasBIOvib®

AtlasBIOvib® is a handheld, ergonomically designed massager for: 

 – adjusting the atlas 

 – neck, facial and gum massage

 – massage of acupressure points and reflex zones on the soles of the feet and hands 

 – massage of the back

 – relaxation of the spine

– trigger points treatment 

– all kinds of bodywork requiring long thumb pressure.