Mace Energy Method

The Mace Energy Method

John Mace, Founder Of The Mace Energy Method

Are you going through a difficult time right now?  Do you have recurring issues that you need to resolve once and for all?

The Mace Energy Method holds the key!

You deserve to be happy, to discover your full potential, and to be the real you. Imagine how different your life will be.

Unlike the conventional methods of therapy that you know, the Mace Energy Method doesn’t rely on pure narrative. Instead, it only asks you a fundamental question to guide the session. The therapy itself is non-confrontational. It focuses on eliminating the cause of the feelings, emotions, behaviours, and attitudes you have developed in response to the negative events in your life.

By targeting the cause of these negativities, the Mace Energy Method helps you effectively eliminate them, leading you to be in charge of your life once again.

Only a couple of sessions are needed to eliminate the most negative aspects of your life - allowing you to find the REAL YOU!

These sessions can be done face to face, over the phone or via face time.